Gotta figure out this blogging thing.

Not sure why I haven't gotten into blogging yet. I am a techno-weenie, compulsive writer, and exhibitionist, so it seems the perfect medium for me, no?

I am thinking I want a true-confessions blog for my knitting adventures. Just need some time to figure out the whole blogging thing. Without small children crawling all over me.

Here is a photo, because I just figured out how to do it!

Brian's yellow scarf, my design (snort), Lion Brand Chunky USA.

Is it against the ethics of the blogosphere to edit posts several weeks later? If it is, then full disclosure: the photo above was added January 6, 2005. It is most significant as a test of my ability to post photos to my blog.

The significance of the actual knitted item is only that it is the first thing I knit, ever! I made this cheery yellow scarf for Brian (my 4 year old) last March. The yellow was his idea. The curling was a surprise, and a disappointment at first, until Brian declared it cool. So I suppose it is a design feature.

Over the next few weeks I'll add more photos, just as soon as I figure out the @^#*!& trick to adding photos to old posts with the bloggerbot. I kludged this by creating a new post, copying the HTML, pasting it here, and deleting the new post. That's just dumb. Posted by Hello

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