Felting Frenzy

This is my first knitterly post. Photos to come.

I felted four pairs of fuzzyfeet today, for Christmas gifts for mom, dad, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law Lori. All together I have made this pattern seven or eight times. Yes, I am getting a bit bored, but this pattern is so easy and quick, (and economical!) and everyone loves these slippers. I think I can do this pattern in my sleep now.

Fuzzyfeet for Mom & Dad, Lamb's Pride worsted.

I am also felting, ever so slightly, and even as I type, the luscious alpaca headband I made for Dave. It seems a crime to felt this lovely stuff, but it turned out a tad big, and felting will make it more warm and windproof. The supreme mystery of felting: after one round in the wash the headband is actually larger than when I started.

Other projects, all to be done before Christmas: an airy lace scarf for Angela, from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, my new favorite book. It is out of blue-gray Kid Silk Haze. Lovely to look at and pet, but a bear to knit with. The silk core thread doesn't stretch, and the mohair sticks to everything. Plus I have never knit with mohair before, or knit lace. Did I mention I am a beginner?

Note to self: when knitting with mohair, don't wear velvet pants. Mohair is meant to be knit in the nude.

Next I will knit a nosewarmer for Drea, a felted bag for my sister-in-law Mary, and if there's time, one of those silly wine-bottle sweaters for Joe and Linda. Ok, so the nosewarmer is a bit silly, too. But I think Drea will appreciate it.

Also a hat for Stella, but she isn't getting back until December 28, so I get a grace period for that one.

I wish I could knit something for everyone, but everyone is an infinite set, isn't it?

Time to go peek on that headband.
Gotta figure out this blogging thing.
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