Crime scene - do not cross

Found on the floor near my spinning wheel. Two guesses who my prime suspect is. Fortunately this was just a scrap I pulled off someone's practice bobbin from the last guild meeting. Still, it gave me the shivers to see a skein of handspun mutilated. I have since moved my handspun to an undisclosed location.

If you've noticed a small addition to my blog template (and no, I am not going to point it out), before you unsubscribe in disgust, I want to hear from you. This is just an experiment, because , I am a pathetic geek at heart and wanted to see what would happen. I am finding it vaguely amusing. But if you feel violated that this one last shred of noncommercial entertainment in your life (however pathetic) has been, well, googlized, at least have the decency to leave me a rant before signing off.

I must be so ronery, so ronery, to be begging for abuse like this. Sad, I know.
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