Maybe I did something right

So maybe he has the messiest room on the planet, but he managed to finish something:

Marching across the stage

Although all you ever hear from me are complaints about the room (and the car he ran out of oil, and the time he forgot he was babysitting....) this is a great kid, with an amazing mind and a huge heart. In a few days he'll no longer be a permanent resident here, as he's heading off for a summer as a YMCA camp counsellor, and then off to college in the fall. I will miss you, Geoffrey! Who will be left to argue with?

Other good stuff is happening - I got a box today from Rabbitch, with a lovely roving and a dishcloth in the most hideous, baby turd shade of green you could possibly imagine. I would share a photo with you but I don't want to be blamed for the vomit all over your keyboard.

If you haven't already figured it out, she's nicer than she lets on.

Also, our new, flexible (read, unemployed) schedule means that when we leave on vacation Friday, we may just never come back.

More on that tomorrow. My husband is twiddling his thumbs again.
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