Green is the color of spring

Here's the beginning of my green green afghan, taking a snooze in the hammock:

It's easy being green

To answer everyone's burning questions - I am calling this a freeform afghan because I don't have a pattern, or even a plan other than to knit when I feel like, purl when I feel like, and change yarns when the mood strikes me. Nothing complicated or even very well thought-out. I am hoping that with garter, stockinette, and reverse stockinette on both sides there will be a lot of visual interest and no right side/wrong side.

The only possibly interesting technical note is how I am using my Denise needles set. I've connected one US 9 tip and one US 11 tip with about 60" of cable. I figure since I am using different weights of yarn, the unevenness of the needle tips and more textured fabric might have an overall unifying effect. So far, so good.

I have exactly two balls of each yarn, so I separated the yarn into two identical piles. When I am done knitting up the first pile, I'll decide if it is big enough to be half an afghan. If it is, then on to the next pile. If not, back to the yarn store.

I know I promised there would be no more dishcloth photos, but I can't help myself. They just look so peaceful relaxing in the afternoon shade.

Well-rested dishcloths

If anyone else in Southeast Michigan is interested in knitting these for Project Scrubbie, let me know - maybe we can get together for a scrubbie knitting party, and or find a local place to sell them. Otherwise, these will be shipped off to California soon. Though I have to say, I am growing quite fond of them...
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