String Scrubbie Smackdown

I thought Brini Maxwell was the most bizarre crafting show, until I came upon Craft Corner Deathmatch last night. Annoying announcer, and the Craft Lady of Steel is uninspired, but I love the concept.

I want to see a Celebrity Craft Corner Smackdown, between Brini and Martha. Certainly Martha's buffed up in the last 6 months, but ten bucks says Brini could take her.

I am also a formidable opponent. Gaze in awe at my latest creation:

Janice commanded that I knit a few of these for the String Scrubbie Project for tsunami relief. To spread the joy I coerced Jennie and Denise to knit a couple, too. I still need to get their cotton to them.

I leave you with these words of wisdom from last night's crafting bloodbath:

"Remember, it's cheaper and easier just to buy stuff."
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