Instant gratification

This isn't knitting, but I had to share:

machine sewn skirt, black linen with multicolored lizards
And she sews, too!

After we lined the felted bag, Nancy helped me make this skirt. I used to sew in a previous life (like 25 years ago - yes, I am that old), but I haven't used my machine in years.

Note the adorable lizards:
colorful lizard closeup
Lizards, up close and personal.

I am working hard at finishing a few small projects. I have a bad case of startitis right now, and nothing seems to get done for one reason or another. It felt good to actually complete a project, even if it wasn't knitting.

Over the weekend I read How to Be Good, by Nick Hornby. I enjoyed it immensely, and promptly checked out a couple of his other books from the library. My startitis extends to reading as well, so it also felt good to finish a book for a change.

I got this alpaca/tencel in the mail from Mark today, in exchange for some Tahki Cotton Classic:

quechua from Elann.com, alpaca/tencel blend
A great trade!

I think the grayish blue will make a lovely scarf.

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