More backfill - Kool Aid and felting

I wasn't sick long enough! Those halcyon days of endless chocolate ice cream, served on silver platters by my many minions.... No more afternoon naps, no more gazing dumbfounded at the spectacular white masses on my tonsils, flashlight in hand. Damn antibiotics work too well.

Back to real life, whatever that is. At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight - there's a senior banquet for my son's high school class. At $35 per ticket plus the cost of a babysitter ($10/hour in these parts) it had better be tasty. I am taking my knitting.

And now for more backfill: low-resolution photos of last year's knitting experiments. First, we have a felted bag I made for my eight-year-old niece Caitlin, out of Fisherman Wool I dyed with Wilton food coloring. Some I did on the stove, & some I did in the microwave, resulting in different shades, hence the stripes.

felted bag of Fisherman Wool, dyed with Wilton icing dye, and trimmed with fun fur

Next up, some Kool Aid dyed baby slippers, pre-felted. These were gifted to Brian's preschool teacher. I don't think I ever took a post-felting photo.

baby ballerina slippers, pre-felted, Fisherman Wool dyed with Kool-Aid

I still have these purple felted baby slippers lying around, waiting for buttons and a recipient. I wasn't very excited with the grayish color I got from grape Kool Aid - I much prefer the Wilton shades of purple.

felted baby Mary Jane slippers, Fisherman Wool dyed with Kool-Aid

My most favorite baby slippers were black Mary Jane's from Lamb's Pride, with pearl buttons. Alas I gave these away without taking a photo.
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