Baby's first knitting lesson

The media has made a big hoo-ha lately about men and boys who knit. Snore - In the knit blogging community this was hardly news. It got me thinking, though. What about baby boys? I say as long as we're trying to teach them Spanish and swimming before they can even sleep through the night, why not knitting?

Here's my newest knitting student:

One month old boy, learning to knit

He's coming right along, though after a couple of minutes it is usually time to eat or take a nap. He's already cast on for his first project, so watch this space for photos of him sporting his creation soon.

I actually finished a small knitting project over the weekend - behold:
Baby Bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

This is supposed to be a 4 hour project, but it took me much longer because I had to pick up and rip out the garter edging three times before I realized that there is probably a mistake in the pattern. The pattern says to pick up 31 stitches along each side, but when I did that it was way too many. 21 worked much better and the end result looks much more like the photograph in the book. The pattern also recommends to apply the I-cord from the right side of the knitting, but after a few false starts, I decided that it looked much better when applied to the wrong side of the knitting.

If anyone has made this, I'd be interested to hear your opinion. I still love the book, and since I am an inexperienced knitter I could be convinced that I am just barmy.

I completely missed the boat on the April Fools Flash Your Stash event hosted by the knittyfolk. Instead, I will share with you a visual representation of depths to which my out of control SEX* has brought me and my family:
*Stash Enhancement Expedition

Windowpane patches on tiny jeans

These are not just patches on kid's jeans, folks. These are patches on kids jeans, purchased from thrift stores, while upstairs a closet jam-packed with Rowan, Colinette, Cascade, Koigu, and little white boxes from Elann reminds me daily that I purchase yarn much faster than I can knit with it.

Fortunately the teenager likes his jeans holey.
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