Knitting slump and Googlewhack

I am in a knitting slump, still struggling to match the gauge on that second (actually third) baby sleeve. My excuse for not sharing a photo: I don't want to spoil the surprise for the lucky receipient. Actually I have been too busy searching for the one true googlewhack to pick up the camera. Or knit. I have been specializing in knitting-related whacks. My favorite to date is "nostepinde disco."

If you are reading my blog you probably don't need time-wasting advice. But if you are looking for some high-quality, non-blog-related internet time-wasting activity, googlewhack is the answer.

I will be leaving soon for a long day at the insane asylum yarn shop (big sale today). So I leave you with photos of knitting from last year. Lest you think this is randomly selected collection of old knitting photos, there is a theme: "Lynne's knitting firsts." There's even a subplot: "low resolution digital photography."

The first sweater I ever knit - Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket.

First socks I ever knit. Ann Norling basic sock pattern, Cascade Fixation.

First hat I ever knit. Note the messed up, yet charming, decreases.

First Kool Aid dying experiment, with swatch for seaming practice .

First (of many) pairs of Fuzzy Feet

Tomorrow's theme - more Kool Aid, more felting.

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