The many colors of Kool Aid

My knitting pal Anne whipped up these earflap hats to use up some of the Fisherman's wool she had dyed with Kool Aid:

Trio of Kool Aid-dyed earflap hats

They are from Sarah Peasley's free Cameron's Caps pattern, with some modifications, including a braided trim and eyelet lace on the pink hat.

They look better on kids than adults, though:

Anne, the elf-woman

I'm in a knitting funk because my secret project (don't look if you have recently given birth) is giving me grief. I completed the first side last fall, and apparently since then, either my gauge has changed or I have forgotten what size needles I used. About 30 rows in on size 7s, the cuff I am knitting now is noticeably larger and more loosely knit than the first sleeve. Now I am started over on 6s, but losing my enthusiasm for the project.

So last night at book club I cast on for the Kid Classic baby bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'll post a picture if mine when it is done, but in the meantime you can admire Jennie's. All I have to say about that yarn is - mmmnnn. Good thing I am on a yarn diet.

I get to teach drop-in tonight at the shop - I dig it the most.

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