I've been violated!

Thanks to CatBookMom for clueing me in that some sleazeball in the UK was selling one of my copyrighted patterns on ebay.

Here's a link for proof positive he is stealing my content - my own photograph is in his ad!

Apparently this guy collects patterns and sells them in ebook format. There is quite a lengthy thread about this idiot, on The Girl from Auntie (of Rogue fame).

Anyway, I sent him a diatribe, and reported him to the UK ebay police, and he withdrew his posting, sending me an apology that his "sources" assured him it was public domain material. Not sure how he could have missed the copyright notice at the bottom of the page. But he has many more knitting pattern postings out there.

Not that I think I will ever become a famous knitwear designer, but a copyright is a copyright, whether it is a poem or computer software or a piece of music or a baby hat pattern. I share my silly little patterns freely, and will continue to do so - I just ask that people respect the copyright, and this means no duplication, selling, or distribution.
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