There's no place like home

(Not that I ever lived in Kansas....)

We're in Lawrence visiting the Yarn Barn my folks. Getting some much-needed relaxation:

Socks that Rock, thanks to Jillian

Yarn Barn aside, Lawrence is home of other venerable fiber-arts institutions, including Sarah's Fabrics and Bonkers.

Bolts of Kaffe Fassett cottons...


Until I walked into the door at Sarah's, I had never even entertained the thought of taking up quilting. Until. I barely escaped. Stop me please.

I did drop some cash at the Yarn Barn. Aside from droolworthy yarn, they sell all sorts of equipment and supplies for spinning, weaving, and dying. I got some undyed Henry's attic sock yarn, some Bonkers sock yarn, some acid dyes, a book on silk painting. No, not a new hobby. It just looked interesting, m'kay?

To wrap up my first post in 6 months, I leave you with something pretty I made late this summer (with a little help from Lynne Vogel):

OK, a lot of help. Those are Lynne's hand-painted rovings. I want to be Lynne when I grow up. Wait a minute...

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