Happy Birthday, Evan

Today is Evan's second birthday.

Deb made Evan's cake - brownies with rasbperries. Yum!

Evan playing with his new "fire dungeon" (we think that means "fire engine")

I have been derelict in my duty as the host of the Llama Along. I have been neglecting my llama hat, in favor of Clapotis and my mystery crochet projects. If I told you more I'd have to kill you.

I won't bore you with another Clapotis photo, at least not until it is complete. I am on the decrease section now, so it won't be long.

I have had a very satisfying last few days, from a knitterly standpoint. First, Anne and I had a field trip to Detroit. Our first stop was the Murano glass exhibit at the DIA. I saw glass, but Anne saw design ideas for sweaters. Then we headed to City Knits in downtown Detroit. It is a great shop, and everything was 20% off, but I resisted. All I came home with was a single Chibi. Not a coveted pink Chibi, as made famous by the Green-Eyed Grrl, and like Lauren received as a gift recently. But Anne said she'd trade me for her pink one, and I am holding her to it.

Then on Monday, Anne took me to Fran's house to a monthly spinning and knitting gathering. It is the second month I have gone, and now I am excited to learn how to use my drop spindle. I wanted to take pictures of the lovely spinning wheels to post here, but I was feeling shy about pulling out the camera. Maybe next month.

And I almost forgot - last night I taught my first knitting class at the shop! The class was drop-in knitting, and I was actually able to answer people's questions. It was a rush to show people the magic of the mattress stitch. When you pull that yarn and the seam becomes invisible, and then the ooohs and ahhhs. I felt like a rock star.

Yes, I know that last paragraph contained a sentence fragment. Deal with it.

Dave is watching a show on Discovery about - I kid you not - a new device called the orgasmatron. Not the fictional one from a Woody Allen movie. The real thing. I need to see this.
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