Cakewalk Karma

At the auction preview party for the great unwashed, Brian once again demonstrated his expertise in the fine art of cakewalking. I watched in awe as he confidently marched around the circle with a bunch of giggling middle schoolers. When the music stopped he was on his lucky number (1), and didn't act the least bit suprised when his number was called.

Brian also demonstrated his finely honed aesthetic and culinary taste. Out of all the lovely cakes (lemon pound cake with lemon-butter glaze, luscious, dark chocolate fudge cake, exotic pistachio torte), Brian selected this gem:

Someone's feeling smug

The real auction (the $125 a ticket one, where the poor souls don't even get hot dogs or a cake walk) doesn't happen until Saturday. Hopefully the wrap and felted bag will command more than the $110 I spent on yarn and materials. Doubtful. Let's not even consider the hours involved. I think next year I will make a donation, and knit something for myself instead.

In knitting news, I made a cool trade with Jenn - my navy Donegal Tweed and a gansey pattern for Point 5 in Dark Umber.

Should I eat it or knit it?

Don't tell Jenn, but I think I made out like a bandit. Not only is this yarn amazingly yummy, I also get an overall stash deduction of 7 balls (and no, I don't care if her balls are 100 gms. and mine are only 50 gms. - if I want to go by balls vs. weight or yardage or numbers of closets stuffed with yarn, I can do that. It is my blog).

Furthermore, I will actually knit something with this, and probably pretty fast, too, since I think the gauge recommendation for point 5 is something like 2 stitches per foot on number 95 needles.

So while Jenn is looking natty in her navy gansey (can she wear that in Florida?), Clinton and Stacy will be humiliating me on national television... "Just because you knit that enormous, gaudy sweater doesn't mean you have to wear it!"

Feel free to nominate me.
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