Behold the Folly of the Irrationally Exuberant Knitter

The title of this post was supposed to be Clapotis est fini! But instead, with a mere 13 stitches left on the needles, look what I've got.

What happens when you don't read the pattern carefully - a cautionary tale.

I won't bore you with explaining what is wrong with this picture. If you have knit Clapotis, you already know. Heck, even if you haven't knit Clapotis, and have two brain cells to rub together, you can see my mistake.

The auction is this Friday. I had hoped to wash, block, and deliver this by Wednesday, because the auction staff wants everything early. But since I now have to frog and reknit SEVENTY-EIGHT ROWS, this is not going to happen.

Just shoot me.
And to the victor, the Koigu!
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